NPT85 Charger Plate Ø 33 cm Beige Plastic Pine Trees
  • 2NPT85 Charger Plate Ø 33 cm Beige Plastic Pine Trees
  • 2NPT85 Charger Plate Ø 33 cm Beige Plastic Pine Trees

NPT85 Charger Plate Ø 33 cm Beige Plastic Pine Trees

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Decorative beige underplate with a pine tree motif in a rustic style. Despite the delicate paper print, you can easily clean it with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Not suitable for the dishwasher.
Clayre & Eef

Important features of a Clayre & Eef charger plate:
• Platters with nostalgic motifs
• Not suitable for food or hot substances
• The charger plates are suitable as decoration for holidays and other special occasions
• Great to combine with breakfast and dinner plates
• A real atmosphere creator at the table

A beautifully set table is only complete with this charger plate. This charger plate ensures that you have an extra base for dinner and breakfast plates. And you can add the necessary atmosphere with the unique motifs and design. Complete your set table with the chargher plates from Clayre & Eef!

Discover the beautiful charger plates that elevate your table setting to new heights! These unique and atmospheric plates are specially designed to enrich your table decor in a special way. Whether you prefer a classic look or a modern touch, these charger plates perfectly complement any style.

Made from high-quality melamine, these charger plates are not only a feast for the eyes but also durable and functional in use. The refined designs and beautiful details make these plates a real eye-catcher during your meals.

Moreover, these charger plates are also perfect for use as decorations or as underplates for decorative items. Add a touch of elegance to your table setting and make every dining experience an unforgettable journey.

These charger plates are ideal for daily use or for special occasions where you want to treat your guests to a stylish table arrangement. Bring your culinary creations to life and give your table decor the presentation it deserves. Let your table shine with style and class by adding these beautiful charger plates to your table arrangement.

This elegant and basic textile series fits into any interior. A series that will not only create a cosy atmosphere during the Christmas season but will also be a perfect addition to the kitchen throughout the year. The linen effect is an extremely pleasant base on the table, and the refined images of the pine trees create an elegant and rugged look. The check pattern is a beautiful addition and gives this collection a wintery feel. Discover this extensive series with items such as tablecloths, kitchen towels, bread baskets, kitchen aprons, and napkins.

70 % Polypropyleen / 30% calcium
Country Style
0,32 kg
1,00 cm
Ø 33x1 cm
33,00 cm
Interior Styles