At Clayre & Eef you will find everything you need for a cosy Christmas. Tink in styles like traditional red and green, natural, gold or create a lovely mix of different styles. Don’t just think of Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree, but also of table decorations, Christmas gifts, window decorations, bell jars, nutcrackers, candle holders and textiles. With our collection you can create an atmospheric Christmas in no time. Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling!

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cosy christmas

Gathered around the table with family and friends. A style embracing glitter and sparkle. Traditional, lavish and atmospheric. With ingredients such as reindeers, traditional red and green and luxurious Christmas decorations. With the nutcracker as an eye-catcher. This style takes you back to basics, to what’s important... It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

christmas pastels

Christmas with a modern twist. Soft pastel colors, lovely statues and figures and beautifully set tables offer a brand new variant on traditional Christmas. Colors such as snow white, winter blue and soft pink form a calm base. With decoration in the same tones, this style keeps its mellow appearance, but also creates the ultimate Christmas feeling in a less traditional atmosphere. Let’s go pastel!

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