JZCEW0031 Kids' Ear Warmers one size Green Plush Girl's Ear Warmers
  • 2JZCEW0031 Kids' Ear Warmers one size Green Plush Girl's Ear Warmers

JZCEW0031 Kids' Ear Warmers one size Green Plush Girl's Ear Warmers

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These cute green plush earmuffs with small eyes are stylish and adorable, but also practical! Their foldable design makes them easy to store and carry. Suitable for children aged 3 years and older.
Clayre & Eef

Important features of a Clayre & Eef kids ear muffs:
• Warm and thick fabric
• Suitable for children
• Can be combined with other winter accessories
• For the real trendsetter
• Available in wintery and cheerful colours

Having fun playing in the snow, but brrr… my ears are so cold! Keep your child’s ears warm with stylish ear muffs. Our children’s ear muffs are very soft, which makes them feel very comfortable. Combine the ear muffs with our cute children’s hats, extra warmth!

Keep your children‘s ears warm and cute with our Kids‘ Ear Warmers!

Colorful and fun:
Our kids‘ ear warmers are available in a wide range of vibrant colors and cute designs that stimulate your children‘s imagination and brighten up their outfits.

Comfort and snugness:
Made from soft and fluffy materials, our ear warmers provide a comfortable and snug fit for your children‘s sensitive heads, keeping them warm and content throughout the day.

Adjustable and flexible:
With adjustable straps, our ear warmers perfectly adapt to your children‘s head size, making them suitable for different ages and sizes.

Durable and safe:
Our ear warmers are made from high-quality materials that are durable and safe for active children. They are designed to last and withstand daily adventures.

Protection against cold and wind:
Whether it‘s a winter walk, a day on the ski slopes, or simply playing outdoors, our ear warmers keep your children‘s ears protected from cold temperatures and chilly winds.

Easy to wear:
Our ear warmers are easy to put on and take off, allowing your children to use them independently. They are also compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry in a bag on the go.

Great gift idea:
Looking for a practical and cute gift? Our kids‘ ear warmers are a great choice for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.

Keep your children‘s ears warm and stylish with our cheerful kids‘ ear warmers.

Order today and give them the gift of comfort and playful style!

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100% Polyester
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