JZGL0053 Winter Gloves 9x24 cm Grey Polyester
  • 2JZGL0053 Winter Gloves 9x24 cm Grey Polyester

JZGL0053 Winter Gloves 9x24 cm Grey Polyester

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Important features of a Clayre & Eef glove:
• Thick and warm quality
• Perfect for winter
• One size fits all
• Fits comfortably around the hand
• Easy to use because of the seperate fingers

You’re on your bike and your hands are freezing cold… we can do something about that. Wear thick gloves! With our gloves, your hands will not only stay warm, but you will also be that trendsetter that everyone is jealous of. And our gloves are suitable for everyone, large hands, small hands... one size fits all!

Keep your hands protected and comfortable with our high-quality gloves! Whether you‘re working, doing household chores, or outdoors, our gloves provide reliable protection and a comfortable fit for various activities.

Made from durable materials, our gloves offer reliable protection against cold, heat, chemicals, or dirt. The comfortable fit ensures you can wear the gloves for extended periods without discomfort.

Our gloves are available in different sizes and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect fit and look that suits your needs. They are convenient and easy to put on and take off, making them ideal for daily use.

Why choose our gloves? They provide reliable hand protection and comfort for various activities, whether it‘s doing household chores, gardening, DIY projects, or other everyday tasks. Our gloves are a practical accessory for home, garden, workshop, or on the go.

Upgrade your hand protection and add a touch of comfort to your daily tasks with our practical and versatile gloves. Order now and keep your hands protected and comfortable in every situation!

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100% Polyester
0,07 kg
9,00 cm
24,00 cm
9x24 cm