2F0193 Photo Frame 10x15 cm White Synthetic Rectangle Picture Frame
  • 22F0193 Photo Frame 10x15 cm White Synthetic Rectangle Picture Frame

2F0193 Photo Frame 10x15 cm White Synthetic Rectangle Picture Frame

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Clayre & Eef

Important features of a Clayre & Eef photo frame
• Cherish precious moments!
• A beautiful place for all your memories
• Combine with other photo frames for a playful effect
• For small and large photos
• Also available in collages

In this photo frame from Clayre & Eef, you can forever cherish your precious memories. You can use this frame both standing and lying down, and with some photo frames, you even have the option to hang them. Dusty? No problem! This frame is easily dusted with a dry cloth. Keep your cherished memories in a beautiful place with this beautiful photo frame.

Polyresin, a durable synthetic resin!
Polyresin is a synthetic material composed of a mixture of resins, hardeners, and other additives.
It is used for casting objects with complex shapes, such as decorative figurines, sculptures, and household decorations.
While polyresin shares similar properties with some plastic materials, such as durability and malleability, it is important to emphasize that polyresin is not technically the same as conventional plastic.
It is rather a specific type of synthetic resin material used for decorative and artisanal applications.

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Polyresin / Glass
10x15 cm
0,40 kg
15,00 cm
2,00 cm
20,00 cm
15x2x20 cm / 10x15 cm
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