Clayre & Eef unique pieces

We as Clayre & Eef are big fans of the old goods!

Textiles, glassware, furniture, metalware, ceramics, rural and industrial objects, chairs, stools, shelves, frames, cake stands and lots more.

The collection mainly consists of items from Europe and India. 

Most European items come from Belgium, France, England, Germany or Eastern Europe. In these countries we are always looking for the best decorative items, furniture and lamps.

The collection has been compiled by visiting other vintage / antique dealers, antique fairs, flea markets, auction houses or private homes. Almost every week there is a supply of new stuff.

Below you will find an impression of the unique items we offer.

Are you interested in buying unique pieces?

  1. Find an article group you’re interested in by browsing through the pictures
  2. Send us a WhatsApp message or an e-mail and mention the number of the photo from the items you’re interested in
  3. Someone of our office will contact you within 48 hours with pictures and prices

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