Tiffany lamps are based on the design of glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany and are characterized by a beautiful stained glass effect, which brings not only light, but also color and warmth into any interior. In our range you will find more than 400 Tiffany lamps inspired by Mackintosh. All lamps are of high quality, are manufactured by hand and meet European standards.

This season we are proud to introduce Tiffany lamps which have been designed by ourselves. A unique design process resulting in a number of innovative series of atmospheric contemporary lamps.

Tiffany Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau period lasted from about 1890 until around 1915. It was characterized by intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms. This was a very stylish period in history that predates the Art Deco era. We have such great examples in this collection that represents how stunning the Art Nouveau styled designs can be. Let us inspire you!

Tiffany Decorative

A very playful theme which is both stylish and funny. It contains beautiful colors, gorgeous designs and decorative styles. These items do not only bring light, but also add color and warmth to any interior. Add something special and choose a special object from the Decorative collection.

Tiffany Geometric

Geometrical designs became very fashionable during the Art Deco period. Typical is the use of symmetrical, cohesive patterns which are used repeatedly throughout the designs. Some designs have different pieces of striking colored glass, whereas other designs are more detailed and vibrant. The use of contrasting and striking colored glass is typical in this style.

Tiffany Nature

The natural style is very traditional. It is the first style which has been created and is all about floral designs, floral motives and creations inspired by nature. Think of all the treasures that nature brings. Take a look at the pure artwork and the colorful touches of nature.

Tiffany Studio

This category is entails the types of designs which were originally crafted by the Tiffany Studio. The best known creation is the Dragonfly design which is still available today in many variations and colors. This classic style features different colored backgrounds with glass jewels and a border of dragonfly wings. The dragonfly body is always highlighted and the eyes picked out with sparkling glass beads.