6Y5288 Bird Feeder Tray Ø 23x8/36 cm Brown Iron
  • 26Y5288 Bird Feeder Tray Ø 23x8/36 cm Brown Iron

6Y5288 Bird Feeder Tray Ø 23x8/36 cm Brown Iron

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Clayre & Eef

The key features of Clayre & Eef Bird Bath
• Attracts a variety of birds for a lively spectacle
• Provides birds with a refreshing oasis for drinking and bathing
• Adds a decorative element to your garden or terrace
• Easy to install and maintain for ultimate convenience

Give your garden a vibrant charm with our beautiful bird baths. These decorative and functional additions attract a variety of birds, allowing you to enjoy a lively spectacle of fluttering and singing. Made from beautiful materials and with attention to detail, our bird baths provide a refreshing oasis for winged visitors. Bring nature closer with our bird baths.

Additional keywords: Garden bird bath, Freestanding bird bath, Hanging bird bath, Decorative bird bath, Bird bath with stand, Bird bath with raised edge, Natural bird bath

Country Style
1,50 kg
36,00 cm
Ø 23x8/36 cm
23,00 cm