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30 Years of Clayre & Eef: A Glimpse into Then and Now

This year, Clayre & Eef celebrates a significant milestone: its 30th anniversary. Founded in 1994, the company has continuously focused on textile innovation and design. In celebration of this milestone, Clayre & Eef invites you to join us on a journey through time, exploring four revolutionary textile series that have played a central role in our collections. This exhibition not only sheds light on the evolution of our textile designs but also on the development of defining pieces that have become iconic over the years. Discover the transformation of traditional techniques through modern innovations and gain a unique insight into the future of textiles at Clayre & Eef.

Olive Fields: A Modern Reinterpretation of Natural Elegance

The "Olives" series, once launched by Clayre & Eef, quickly became a favorite among textile enthusiasts for its simple and elegant design, characterized by the motif of lush olive groves. This series symbolized tranquility and natural beauty, elements that perfectly aligned with the brand's aesthetic values. Over time, and with a constant desire for innovation and freshness, Clayre & Eef decided to reintroduce this beloved series, now under the name "Olive Fields."

The revamped "Olive Fields" series preserves the essence of the original design but adds a modern touch by incorporating updated techniques and materials that contribute to increased durability and texture variation. This new life in the series reflects the evolution of Clayre & Eef's commitment to quality and aesthetics. The series promises not only to be a visual delight but also a tactile experience, with each piece of textile telling a story of renewal and tradition.

From Simplicity to Elegance: The Transformation of Clayre & Eef's 'Diamond Hortensia' into the 'Vintage Grace' Series

The "Diamond Hortensia" series, originally launched by Clayre & Eef as a summer textile collection featuring a simple floral motif, has evolved over the years and taken on a new form in the "Vintage Grace" series.

Where the original "Hortensia" series was characterized by its straightforward and simple approach to the floral motif, the "Vintage Grace" series adds a dimension with a stylish stripe pattern. This creates a dynamic contrast and a visually engaging image that complements summery interiors perfectly.

This reborn series brings a touch of summer to every textile piece, from curtains to table linens, designed to bring a sense of freshness and renewal to any interior. The interplay of colors and patterns in the "Vintage Grace" series reflects Clayre & Eef's ongoing evolution in creating textiles that are not only timeless but also resonate with contemporary trends.

Summer Checkered Refinement: The Lavender Garden Series by Clayre & Eef

The timeless "Lavender series" by Clayre & Eef, a beautiful summer textile collection characterized by an enchanting floral motif. Now, in the present, we proudly introduce the stunning "Lavender Garden" series, a true evolution of style and grace.

Where the Lavender series was known for its understated beauty and soothing lilac tones, the Lavender Garden series transforms this into a vibrant checkered pattern, surrounded by a lush background. The result is a refreshing summer effect, enriched with lively details and a subtle touch of elegance.

This reborn series by Clayre & Eef adds a new dimension to summer textile designs, merging the evolution of color and motif into a harmonious whole. It is a celebration of the natural beauty and playful charm that summer brings.

Blue Rose Blooming: An Enchanting Ode to Summer Splendor

The radiant "Blue Rose Blooming" series by Clayre & Eef, an enchanting collection that captures the essence of summer. Inspired by the timeless charm of the '' Blue Rose'', this series brings a contemporary twist with vibrant floral patterns.

In contrast to its understated predecessor, the "Blue Rose Blooming" exudes a lively energy, infused with colorful blossoms that embrace the spirit of the season. Each piece is imbued with romance and elegance, suffused with nostalgic hues and a touch of rustic charm.

This rejuvenated series by Clayre & Eef brings a breath of fresh air to the world of summer textile designs, where colors and patterns come together in perfect harmony.

Early Years:

In its early years, Clayre & Eef focused on producing classic, country-style textiles with a romantic allure. Many of their early products were inspired by rural themes and rustic charms, such as floral motifs, checks, and soft pastel colors. These fabrics were often used for table linens, bedding, and curtains, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in every home.


By the end of the 20th century, Clayre & Eef began expanding their range to include more contemporary designs. They introduced more geometric patterns and dared to play with color, appealing to a broader audience with their collections. The introduction of new materials such as synthetic fibers made the products more durable and easier to maintain, aligning well with the needs of modern households.


In the 21st century, Clayre & Eef has focused on sustainability and innovation within their textile production. They now experiment with eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled materials to reduce their ecological footprint. The designs have become more diverse, incorporating influences from different cultures and eras, resulting in a rich blend of patterns and styles that are both traditional and modern.

Future Visions:

Looking to the future, Clayre & Eef aims to remain at the forefront of the textile industry by continuously innovating with new technologies and design concepts. They are committed to integrating sustainable practices into all their creation processes while delivering the quality and beauty they are known for.

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