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Prepare your business for a summer boost with our 7 smart marketing tips! During this sunny period, it is essential to tailor your campaign to your target audience and take advantage of the summer mood. Despite the traditional dip in shop visits and purchases for retailers during the summer months, they actually offer a great opportunity to boost your sales. Whether you want to develop a new strategy or strengthen your existing campaign, these tips will help you put your business on the map. With a targeted approach and a dash of creativity, you can make your campaign stand out and your business thrive during this summer period! 🌞

Here are seven effective tips to increase your sales this summer.

Unleash your Summer Creativity

With summer just around the corner, seasonal email campaigns are ideal for reaching and engaging customers. Send targeted emails with summer offers, product recommendations and decorating tips. By sharing relevant content that matches your customers' interests, you will keep them engaged with your brand. Offer exclusive summer offers and share inspiring decoration and summer tips. By investing in targeted emails, you will help them make the most of summer with your products and services. Make use of mood photos to highlight the summer atmosphere and enhance the appeal of your emails. Clayre & Eef has an extensive image bank with numerous summer photos that are perfect for creating an engaging visual experience for your customers.

Organize showcase events in your store this summer to let customers experience the magic of the season! Let them admire your summer collection in an atmospheric setting with live music, summer treats, and interactive presentations. These special events offer a unique opportunity for customers to discover the latest trends. Ensure interactive presentations like workshops and demonstrations are included. This strengthens the bond with your customers and ensures they return to your store time and again for this unforgettable experience.

Make use of online competitions and giveaways on your social media channels to engage your customers and spark their interest in your summer products. For example, organise a summer quiz where participants can share photos of their summer home decorations for the chance to win prizes or gifts for summer occasions. These perks not only increase your customers' engagement, but also promote your products in a fun and interactive way.

Make the most of seasonal content on all your social media channels to reinforce your online marketing strategy. Get your followers excited with regular updates on your summer product lines and decoration tips. Remember to vary different types of posts, such as images, videos and stories, to increase interaction and maximise your reach. Staying consistent and relevant on platforms like Instagram and Facebook will not only increase your visibility, but also strengthen your connection with your audience. Make use of mood photos to enliven your posts and grab the attention of your followers. Clayre & Eef has an extensive image bank brimming with summer photos that are perfect for enriching your social media content and strengthening your online presence.

Launch summer promotions and discounts to encourage customer loyalty and pique their interest in your special offers. Offer summer discounts to encourage customers to shop, and consider a special customer loyalty programme valid during the summer months. Give exclusive rewards to loyal customers to strengthen their commitment and reward them for their loyalty during the summer season.  Clayre & Eef is also participating in these summer promotions with a special offer. Currently, 1994 products are discounted online, including offers in the Clayre & Eef cash & carry. Customers can use extra discounts to complement their in-store assortment. This offers a great opportunity to buy favourite products at discounted prices.

Make your shop the destination for summer inspiration with a must-have guide! Develop a summer inspiration guide, available both digitally and in print, full of refreshing decorating tips and vibrant ideas to match your customers' unique style. Collect inspiring examples of summer table decorations, BBQ table settings and home accessories to transform their spaces into true summer oases. Make the guide interactive with QR codes that lead to product pages on your website. Build engagement and inspire your customers to shop with you for all their summer decoration needs.

Design a summer window display with vibrant colours such as aqua blue, sunny yellow, tropical green and warm orange. Combine playful patterns such as vibrant stripes and tropical floral patterns to create a lively atmosphere. Add artificial flowers and plants for a fresh look, and place windlights and lanterns for a warm ambiance both during the day and at night. For extra comfort, place tropical cushions and display garden accessories and picnic baskets next to summer crockery to create a holiday feel. Make your shop window an attractive destination for passers-by to enjoy the summer atmosphere!

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